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Hi, I'm Cathrine.

My mission is to create products that help people have amazing experiences, both online and offline.

My design philosophy is that user experience is more than just visual designs or interactions; it's the holistic experience that imprints as you have contact with the product. The designer is thus an architect of your perceived reality, a director of the moment, and well-designed experiences start long before you have decided to become “the user”. I think understanding the big picture is important when designing great products.

I strive to create designs that spark an emotional connection between the brand and the customers and address people's unique identity, needs and goals. I do this by focusing on empathy, personalization and optimizing for great customer service. 

My design process

I typically follow the standard Lean UX methodology of Build-Measure-Learn, but I believe every project is different and I adapt my process according to the unique nature of the challenges the project is facing and the dynamic of the team.


Skills & Methods

User Research
Usability Testing
Interaction Design
User Interface Design
Information Architecture
Comparative Analysis
Requirements Analysis
User Personas
Task Flows
Paper Prototyping
Hi-Fidelity Prototyping
Experience Mapping

Tools I Use

Pen & Paper
Google Analytics


My Story

I'm originally from Norway where I studied Social Anthropology as an undergraduate at University of Oslo and Kwansei Gakuin University in Kobe, Japan. 

Social anthropology is the study of all peoples everywhere – what they make, what they do, what they think and how they organize their social relationships and societies. Social anthropologists seek to understand how people live in societies and how they make their lives meaningful.

I  have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America and have traveled to more than 40 countries, which has been an amazing opportunity to combine my passion and curiosity for other cultures, giving me a strong vantage point for working on products that have to meet users coming from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds and experiences. 

I moved to San Francisco and joined the startup world in 2011 as the one of the first hires at Jetpac (acquired by Google in 2014). My role was Product Manager and UX Designer and I focused on driving user engagement, retention and growing our iOS application Jetpac City Guides

After the Jetpac acquisition I moved on to Rabbit where I get to work with a truly amazing team.

When I'm not designing experiences for others I'm out and about collecting my own memorable experiences, normally found outside my comfort zone. I love to eat, travel, practicing yoga and sing.