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A sense of community, even amongst strangers in New York City

Cathrine Gunasekara

A friend of mine shared this article with me:

Every Thursday, Liz Gannon-Graydon is hosting a tea party in Bryant Park with proper china tea cups, table cloth and home baked goods. And anyone are welcome to join!

I haven’t joined her tea party myself, but I think this is such a beautiful initiative. When you walk around in a big city, you’re in close contact with thousands of other people on the street and subway, but there’s no actual connection. I love that she is creating an opportunity to hit the pause button and take a moment to sit down and actually connect with the people around you, hear their stories and enjoy a beautiful moment together. Urban mindfulness in practice.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a positive difference in people’s lives, yet, so few of us even try. So 🙌to her and those who sit down to join her.

That’s your job. You’re here to create beloved community.