Cathrine L. Gunasekara
Cathrine L. Gunasekara
Product Manager
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Hi there, I'm Cathrine!

I like to make the most out of life and always look for an opportunity to transform a regular day into an awesome one. This applies to how I design products, how I lead my teams and how I approach life in general.

Over the last 8 years I’ve been working with innovative engineering and R&D teams to build products and services that leverage AI & Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Jetpac) and Real-Time Audio/Video for Social Networking (Rabbit).

Although I personally enjoy working in a fast paced agile manner, I believe different projects or a startup’s culture and goals require different approaches, so I always adapt my process according to the goals, constraints and the people and dynamic of the team.

Agile / Lean Project Management, Product Strategy, Distributed Team Management, MVPs/COPs/Pilots, UX Design, Product Design, User Research, Usability Testing, Data Analytics

I'm originally from Norway and at 16, I grabbed my passport and began traveling wherever I could - eventually journeying to close to 50 countries.
I started a record label and toured with artists when I was 19, moved to Japan when I was 22, I’ve worked on 4 continents, stayed with Nomads in Mongolia, lived in a Monastery in Southern Thailand, lived 3 months on a ship sailing the Pacific Ocean, modeled for Tokyo Fashion Week (pretending to be a corpse in a coffin), taken the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow, summited Mount Fuji… yeah yeah.. I know, nobody likes a bragger. I’ll stop.

Currently I’m on a 1 year trip around the world.