AppSumo is great, but I just get too many newsletter emails and also I'm trying to save money these days so I don't want to get tempted to buy any deals I don't really need. So I decided to unsubscribe and clicked the 'unsubscribe' link in the email.
Then I got to this page. 

When clicking on 'YES' - I do want to unsubscribe from all AppSumo emails, it turns green, but nothing else happens. I take it this was not a button, but just a selective state, so I'm looking for another "Save changes" type of button to confirm my choice. I can't see one though there is another green button on the page, but I have nothing to say. Should I still click it? The next big call to action the page is the RSS feed button.. but that is definitely not going to help me. 

Maybe something went wrong? I refresh the page to see if something has changed. 
Then I get this popup prompting me to sign up for the newsletter! Guys, this is not the right time! I'm trying to unsubscribe!
But oh wait. Does that mean it worked the first time around, did something happen when I clicked YES? Did I unsubscribe and now they want me back in?

Fortunately unsubscribing from AppSumo is not the most important task of my day, so I take some screenshots for this blog post and leave the site to do something else. 

When writing this post, I get curious to see what my email preferences look like now, so I log in to my AppSumo account. But guess what, I can't find the page with the email preferences for the life of me. Not on the accounts page, not on the profile page... where has it gone? Can it only be accessed via the 'unsubscribe' link in the email?

Another thing I've noticed from looking at these screenshots is that I'm apparently not logged in when I got sent to the email preferences page from the email. (upper right corner).
So I was editing my email preferences anonymously? That's strange. Especially since the page has links to my billing information and purchase history..

Only time will show if I managed to unsubscribe or not, I'm curious to see if I get another AppSumo email.