Sean Ellis mentor session at Tradecraft.

Today we had Sean Ellis visiting Tradecraft to talk about growth, his new role as a CEO at Qualaroo and his advice for what to look for in a company.

Here are 8 takeaways from what Sean was talking about:

1. Find the most passionate customer and learn as much as you can about them and why they love your product. Then find more of these people and do more of what they love.

2. The job of finding product market fit belongs to the founders and the head of product. Don't focus any efforts on growth until you've tested that more than 40% of your customers would be very disappointed if they could not longer use your product.  

3. Always act with some kind of urgency. At Qualaroo Sean tells his employees to act as if it's only $500K left in the bank. (Anything less would lead to bad decision making)

4. Steal, steal, steal! Read on other company blogs what they have already tested and found working best, and then A/B test that on your own product. (Keep in mind that your audiences and target groups are different, so although it works for one company doesn't mean it works for you, but it's definitely worth testing.)

5. Customer service is a major growth channel to create word of mouth and works best when it's authentic. Zappos and Dropbox are good examples of this.

6. It's important to instrument the business to have a process for running experiments and tests. You'll have to do whatever works for you, and to find that out you'll need to run experiments and tests constantly. 

7. Have product driven growth. 

8. Onboarding is important. Find out what turns people into habitual users.