Expedia iOS app side menu

Most people don’t have the need for travel booking apps more than a few times per year. For that reason, retention is a metric travel companies are typically struggling with.

Retention is an important metric. And to retain a user, first step is to be the brand that I associate with travel and my go-to app for checking prices, getting inspired to go places, finding good deals etc. But if your app is not on my phone when I think about travel because I deleted it after last trip, that could be a lost opportunity. 

I took a look at different travel booking apps in the app store and it struck me how few of them were trying to increase my loyalty or be an app that I would open in between trips. But with just a few tweaks, the travel booking apps could easily be something I would open when I get triggered to think about travel and when I'm day dreaming about my next trip. 

Here's an example of some simple tweaks that could maybe increase the retention for Expedia's iOS app. I followed some of the lessons learned from reading Hooked by Nir Eyal.

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