Figuring out what books to read in 2015. 

Figuring out what books to read in 2015. 

The last few years I've been working my way through books about product management, user experience design, interaction design, product design, product marketing and business strategy. 
It started with a self development project born on New Years Eve 2011 (don't they all?) where I set up a reading list of the books I wanted to read in 2012 to start the journey towards my dream of becoming an Interaction Designer. I was a product marketing manager at the time, but found myself more and more interested in how the product was designed and the decisions made getting there, rather than marketing the finished product. (I thought then that interaction designer was the coolest thing to be, but later I've found that Product Manager is the perfect role for me because it lets me be involved in all phases of the product development and I can use my wide skillset.)

Since 2012 my reading list has just kept growing, you're obviously never done learning!


2015 Reading List – My New Year's Resolution

This afternoon, my husband who's a product designer,  laid out piles of books he had just ordered from Amazon on our dining table to figure out which books to go into his own reading list for 2015. I found some good ones there that I would like to add to my own list, so decided to take a moment to update and prioritize my reading list and this is what it looks like for 2015 - one book to read per month. Sounds like a New Year's resolution.... Who's with me?

  1. Microinteractions, Dan Saffer
  2. Jony Ive, Leander Kahney
  3. User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton
  4. User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn 
  5. Designing For The Digital Age, Kim Goodwin
  6. Crossing The Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore
  7. The History And Future Of Mind-Expanding Technology
  8. Brand Bible, Debbie Millman
  9. Designing Interfaces, Jennifer Tidwell
  10. Designing Web Navigation, James Kalbach
  11. Effective UI, Jonathan Anderson, John McRee, Robb Wilson and the EffectiveUI Team
  12. Package Design Workbook, Steven DuPuis

Knowing myself, I'll probably skip some and add some, but at least I have a plan:)