Cathrine L. Gunasekara
Cathrine L. Gunasekara
Product Manager

I often get questions on what to read as a Product Manager, so here I’ve shared my reading list.
In addition to books I read a ton of articles on technology, innovation and user experiences in different industries.

Part I: UX / Interaction design

1. Seductive Interaction Design, Stephen P. Anderson
2. About Face 3  - The Essentials of Interaction design, Alan Cooper / Robert Reimann and Dave Cronin
3. The Design of Everyday Things, Donald A. Norman
4.  Designing For Interaction - Creating Innovative Applications and Devices, Dan Saffer
5. Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design, Bill Buxton
6. Undercover User Experience Design, Cennydd Bowles and James Box
7. Thoughts On Interaction Design, A collection of reflections compiled by Jon Kolko
8. This Is Service Design Thinking, Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider, and numerous collaborators and co-authors
9. Don’t Make Me Think, Steve Krug
10. What Jacob Nielsen has written
11. Designing Interfaces, Jennifer Tidwell
12. Designing Web Navigation, James Kalbach
13. Effective UI, Jonathan Anderson, John McRee, Robb Wilson and the EffectiveUI Team
14. Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness, Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunsteindel>
15. UX for Lean Startups: Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design, Laura Klein
16. Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, Jeff Gothelf
17. The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond (2nd Edition), Jesse James Garrett
18. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, Susan Weinschenk
19. User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton
20. User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn
21. Microinteractions, Dan Saffer
22. Designing For The Digital Age, Kim Goodwin

Part II: Growth / Marketing / Behavioral Psychology / Business Strategy / Product Management  
1. Purple Cow, Seth Godin
2. Hooked, Nir Eyal
3. Eric Ries - The Lean Startup
4.  The Wisdom Of Crowds, James Surowiecki
5.  Made To Stick, Chip Heath and Dan Heath
6. Wikinomics - How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
7. Change By Design - How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations And Inspires Innovation, Tim Brown
8. Everything Is Obvious* Once You Know The Answer, Duncan Watts
9. Startup Growth Engines, Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown
10. Growth Hacker Marketing, Ryan Holiday
11. Traction, Gabriel Wirnberg and Justin Mares
12. Crossing The Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore
13. Tools For Thought: The History And Future Of Mind-Expanding Technology
14. Brand Bible, Debbie Millman
16. Zero To one, Peter Thiel and Blake Masters
17. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (well, at least half of it...)
18. Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster, Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz
19. Jony Ive, Leander Kahney
20. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini 21. The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford
22. The Product Manager's Survival Guide by Steven Haines
Currently reading --> 23. Product Roadmaps Relaunched by Todd C. Lombardo